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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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is this fox 5 local news at 11:00. right now at 11:00, the explosive videos are all over the internet. and the dangerous trend just landed a local man in the hospital. >> another case of racism under investigation at a american university. what happened during tonight's meeting about the incident. what caused this deadly explosion on a highway? plus the changes coming to your children's cafeteria and a warning about a popular facebook post. news starts now. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm shawn yancy >> i'm tony perkins. off the top, the rain on the winds that have been blowing through the region >> sue palka joins us with an update. sue is it behind us? >> pretty much, we're down to p. looked worse than it
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being with most of the energy too far south or north and over dc just ended up being a couple of dying out showers and thunderstorms. here's what's left. you can see to the south, a couple moving through bowling green and through st. georgia island, if i take a little trip to the west. we have a little bit of moisture near the cay upon a bridge. they had been moving so quickly, some storms were tracking between 50 and 85 miles an hour, if you drove your car that fast, you'd get a ticket. we were worried about straight line wind damage. but for the most part with the exception of a spotty shower overnight as a frontal boundary comes on through, just about done, our futurecast does hold on to that idea here and there between about 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning, i believe when you start your commute it will be bright and a beautiful tuesday. we'll start out in the low
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then we're going to go seeing thing warming up nicely into the 70's, we stay breezy with gusts out of the west at about 25 miles an hour, still 75 degrees here tonight and looks like it's going to be pretty comfortable, a bright breezy tuesday in effect for tomorrow. we'll start the drying out process. shawn >> bring it on. thank you, sue. first on fox 5 tonight, videos just like this one trending online. they show people blowing things up with an explosive called tannerite. it's often used for target practice but a local man tried it out and ended up getting seriously hurt this weekend. fox 5 marina marraco is live at a time nova fairfax hospital. >> reporter: the man has been released from the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. but we went out to where this alleged explosion took place on the property and when we got there, no one was home to answer our questions. you can find
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about anything being blown up on the internet >> got down there we're going to be one of the biggest explosions ever uploaded on the internet legally. >> reporter: this latest trend has folks getting hurt and police warning you could be facing criminal charges. >> 39-year-old male with a shrapnel wound to the right he lower extremity. >> reporter: a call from 911 came from this rural area of virginia >> arterial bleeding, bleeding controlled by a tourniquet. >> reporter: a 39-year-old man was air lift to a nova fairfax hospital after reportedly being hit from shrapnel from a car blown up using the popular and inexpensive explosive tannerite. >> the tannerite cube was inside of the old vehicle. and a piece of that old vehicle flew
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patient in the leg. >> reporter: videos like these have garnered millions of views. online, you can buy a half pound worth of tannerite targets for $50. and ingredients for the explosive mixture for as little as 20. for months local authorities including the maryland state fire marshall issued reminders regarding the dangerous of tannerite but sent a stern message mixing the components that make the explosive is illegal. unless you have a license. >> operating under an explosives license keep in mind what i do, you can't necessarily do. . >> reporter: and the sheriff's office saying they're investigating the incident to determine if the explosive that was used during yesterday's incident was manufactured illegally. live tonight in fairfax county. marina marraco fox 5 local news.
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university is once again investigating an act of racism towards black students. the target this time, a president obamaly black sorority. tonight students are talking about how to move forward and take action. fox 5's lindsay watts is live with more on what happened and the response. >> reporter: at the beginning at the school year and now at the end, american university seen these acts of hatred directed toward african-american students. take a look at what was found here on campus, bananas, hanging from ties that resemble nooses found in at least three different areas of campus, the word horumba are written in addition to the letters aka, referring to alpha kappa alpha, a prominently black sorority. they're from a student newspaper, the photos taken from one of the students who. reporter: ed this. many feel it's not
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that the new student government president took office, the first african-american woman to hold the position, also a member of aka. i've seen students cry. i've seen students use profanity, yell just need to take a step back and get off campus as they head into finals and having to deal with this on top of it >> we pride ourselves of being diverse and liberal when things like this happen. it hurts the entire community >> outrageous, horrible, i'm surprised we had a similar he incident happen again, i'm hoping the university takes action to stop the people who instigated this. >> reporter: the black student alliance organized a meeting at the school. the university wouldn't allow me media on campus so a student provided us with photos. some same people you see here, organized a rally on campus in september following a string of racist incidents then. a black student had a bananas
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bananas outside her door with nasty message. just a bit ago, i spoke to one of the students who attended tonight's meeting. listen. >> there were definitely a lot of alleys outside of the student organization that came out to hear the concerns and hear what they can do to help us >> what's next >> we're trying to come up, in the meeting we're having tonight we're trying to come up with a list and a letter to send to the administration just letting them know that all students not just black students and not just minority students, but all students on this campus are standing together. >> reporter: the university says it's now reviewing surveillance video to try to find who did this. tonight, a youth president sent an e-mail to all students: the crude and racially insensitive act of bigotry reported is under investigation by au campus police with assistance from dc police and other au offices and senior officials we
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we'll do what we can to find those responsible and ask that anyone who may know of those involved to please step forward. he went on to say there's a campus community meeting planned to talk about this incident tomorrow at noon. live in northwest, lindsay watts fox 5 local news. also developing tonight, police are still searching for a prisoner who escaped in maryland. police say david watson slipped out of his handcuffs friday while officers were taking him for a psychiatric evacuation in jessup. >> reporter: the guards have indicated to us that he was in handcuffs with a waist chain and leg shackles. we found handcuffs and the waist chain at the scene near the van. we did not locate leg shackles. we did locate a pair of sweatpants that watson discarded in the woods. >> police say his sweats weren't ripped that means he likely slipped
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watson was serving a 100 year prison sentence, the reward is up to $10,000. thousands of people participated in may day rally protests. protesting president trump's mass deportation policies, jut one of several marches nationwide to mark international workers day. they marched from dupont circle to the white house. the owner of a local construction company paid some employees to take the day off to attend the march. >> we definitely want to bring attention to decision and respect immigrant rights. we're a vital part of the country and do contribute in an economic -- we're a strong economic supporters of this country. we were -- we're fighting for permanent protection, this is about recognizing the impact that we have here in the u.s. as immigrants and as a work force. >> reporter: according to the "washington post," dozens of businesses across the region closed to allow
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take parts in the march. >> also, why the feds are changing the guidelines for the cafeteria food your children eat at school >> dozens woke up to think car windshield smashed in. the clue that led police to the vandals involved pollen. how about this? would you eat lab grown meat like this meatball? find out when it could be available at your grocery store. floor director is rubbing his belly. right back. y. right back.
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check on it out this video out of control car slammed into the gas pump. it happened earlier this morning in baltimore county, the driver took out an entire gas pump landed on its hood. fortunately the safety valves kicked in and prevented an explosion. police are investigating how the driver lost control. they tell us alcohol was not a factor. my goodness. more dramatic video. this traffic camera caught a giant explosion
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yesterday. a driver went the wrong way on i 75. collided with a gasoline truck. moments later, the big fire ball erupted. the wrong-way driver was killed. truck driver suffered minor injury, there's no word on why the driver was on the wrong side. the interstate could be closed for days. smashed windshields, also dented hoods and roofs. three teenagers facing charges from gaithersburg, the teens damaged three dozen vehicles, they caught two suspects, the third took off but they caught him later. apparently pollen on one of the damaged cars left proof >> it left a distinct footprint in the pollen in the paint of the car >> in the pollen >> in the pollen dust on the car. we were able to at least
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looking like one of the shoes belonging to one of the subjects we stopped >> one time ever people are grateful for pollen, suspects are under age but they're known to law enforcement and have had previous run ins with them. they're looking for a connection to other crimes when it comes to healthy eating in school, the trump administration is rolling back some provides championed by michelle obama. he said schools we only have to cut salt just yet or serve more whole grained foods. they also can serve 1% flavored milk. purdue said too much food is buying wasted because kids don't like what's being served. >> they tell these food service cafeteria workers what they like and what they don't and they see
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this is important. it's not only symbolic but dealing with a pretty important constituent >> the trump administration is committed to providing healthy food but does not think the government should force school districts to follow a mandate. he says school districts should rely on their own to determine what kid might enjoy. lab grown meat possibly in the next five years. memphis meats introduced this animal-free meatball saying it grew the meat from cells in lab. the company tells fox news it wants to put its products on store shelves by 2022. it would include quote quote beef, chicken and duck, i'm not sure if we can call it that if there's no meat. it costs about $6,000 to produce one pound, which is dramatically down from a year ago when it was
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memphis meats says it has work to do to get it down to traditional meat costs about four bucks per pound. question is would you eat lab grown meat >> no. >> my question is what is it? >> i know >> i need to know what it is. >> what are the cells? >> i guess they're >> i shouldn't speculate >> i guess it's cells from the animals. >> you think? >> i don't know. >> who knows >> let's get the research team >> what's the advantage if it costs that much to produce >> maybe they're thinking in the future, if -- i don't know. >> here's the thing, if they start selling it i hope it's labeled so we know >> that is the key thing >> label it will be a grown meat >> i hope so. >> invest in gmo meats >> ok. yeah, i got a lot of things i want to say i'm going to keep them all to myself >> it is only a 30-minute broadcast here, good idea. let's talk about the weather. >> t
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there was potential that we could have had damaging winds come through. there were some warnings to our south, warnings to our north, we were under a severe thunderstorm watch for awhile. but every time showers and heftier thunderstorms got close it was like somebody blew out the candle and many of you did not even see rain, we may make up a little ground later. before the sun went down, did you see a rainbow? we got on a lot of great pictures from you on twitter and one of my favorites was from marina marraco, she saw this beautiful rainbow in fairfax county nice and vivid >> noticing how green everything is looking, maybe a little pollen washing rain for some of you. basically we're pretty much out of rain showers. this lingering shower will continue to move north and east near cambridge. a couple of other spotty showers and we can't rule them out as a frontal boundary comes through. you can see there's good activity as you look down south of richmond
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carolinas. they had flash flooding last week. we got our swirling storm system out here and our frontal boundary that's going to come through later again could produce a spotty shower or a rumbles of thunder in a few spots. really think the rumbles of thunder is not going to happen. futurecast still wants to hang on to the idea of a couple of showers around at 3:00 in the morning, wipe out whipping right out of area our and by 5:00, we got the skies clearing out and i think you'll wake up to a lot of sunshine tomorrow to be honest tuesday is looking like a beautiful day. the only thing i would say is might be a little bit breezy for some of you in the afternoon. but it's still mild, temperature is 75. it's still humid. look at leonardtown still at 77. baltimore is 76. frederick 75. cumberland begins to drop. frontal boundary so out there. a lot of places will be 50's and 60, most of the day it's been windy, winds out south to 30 at westminster, 32 a
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23 for dulles and martinsberg and while these wind will diminish after midnight once the front gets on through, they will pick up tomorrow afternoon with wind gusting 25 to 30, instead of out of a humid direction, they will be out of the west, which is a drying direction. that takes the humidity way down for tomorrow. and gets our temperature in the mid and upper 70's during the afternoon. i wanted to show you the wind gusts with the south winds watch the arrows, as we go closer to mornings, you can see winds starting to change direction, maybe gusts 15 to 17 miles an hour. by the noon hour, starting to pick up and by afternoon, they're starting to get a little bit strong again and that can help to pump our temperatures up. the fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast tuesday and wednesday nice and sunny considerably cooler wednesday and cooler with quotes around, 70. we start clouding up by noon on thursday and rain in the evening we believe late afternoon or evening on thursday. 68 degrees, friday
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kind of a soggy day with rain and thunderstorms all day. 71 on friday. we start drying out for saturday. can't rule out a spotty shower throughout the weekend. better chance would be sunday and still cool side monday with a temperature of 66. that's your seven-day forecast. tony over to you. >> developing tonight hollywood writers could go on strike in just a few hours. that could send some of your favorite tv shows into reruns. their contract expires after midnight pacific time. the main sticking points to the negotiations compensation and healthcare. the writers guild of america overwhelming approved it. it would impact late night talk shows and everything from soap operas to many movies >> you probably seen the viral facebook posts, ten concerts you've been to, experts say concerts is a common security question. a
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thinking of getting a dog or cat? the cost of owning pets is a lot more, wisdom martin goes one-on-one with actor terry cruise and get out your big hats, the morning crew is talking fashion ahead of this weekend's kentucky derby >> hats are for everyone >> i think you might look good. >> fascinator? let's talk about hockey. one thing we've learned sometimes it takes a little longer than three periods, no exception in pittsburgh. let's take you to -- sidney crosby, you don't see it there but you see it in slow motion, sit crosby runs into his former team mate.
11:26 pm
nis. daniel winnik number 26 prevented the pens from scoring right there. let's talk about scoring, five on three for the caps and just like that. they're on the board early on, all they needed got on 1-0. it was nicholas backstrom and there you see it once again, goes up again with danny kuznetsov. it's 2-1, a minute left in regulation, slap shot, ties it up and guess what? overtime, three minutes in, kevin shatinkirk getting it done, scores, caps win 3-2. we're talking game four coming up wednesday, that means game five at verizon center. so the series coming back. there's always that if necessary, game five is necessary. >> that was a nail biter. >> 2-0 with couple of minutes
11:27 pm
sidney crosby. >> that's huge >> that does it for us. tmz coming up next. >> good night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: well, we knew there was going to be a lawsuit but it is against ja rule and billy mcfarland. a bunch of ticket holders say these guys defrauded them. >> we underestimated the size of the team we would need. >> there's $100 million lawsuit against them. >> if they sue, do they get their airfare back as well? harvey: you get everything back. >> that's the best weekend of their lives then. free trip to the bahamas. >> they were stuck without a septic tank. what are you talking about? >> crazy video of a delta air lines pilot, punching a lady in the face. she was fighting another lady. harvey: the woman he hit has another woman in a choke hold. he hits her to release the hold and walks away. >> he hit her and he came back, like he took a side in the fight if you ask me. [laughter] >> the weeknd performing at the forum. he brought kendrick lamar out.


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